Hans Boeve and Marketing Management

New Marketing Definition: Marketing is the adaptation of an organisation to its environment.

French Cuisine

Meat with Onions and Tomatos

Shrimps with Tomatos and Avocados

Vanila Ice-Cream and Pancakes

Hans Boeve : (Writing) A Marketing Plan*


  • Introduction
  • The Marketing Problem. The yearly evaluation.

  • The External Analysis
  • Defining the Market. The Clients. The Prospects. Segmentation. Distribution. Porter. PESTEL. Competition.

  • The Internal Analysis
  • McKinsey. Porter : The Value Chain. Financial Audit. Marketing Audit. Portfolio.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strenghts. Weakneses. Opportunities. Threaths.

  • Strategy
  • Options. Targets. Strategy Development.

  • Implementation
  • Decisions. Actions. Marketing Plan. Product. Price. Place. Promotion.

    * Marketing Strategie; Frambach/Nijssen

    See also : Connected Marketing (Online Marketing)